Mindfulness for Manual Therapists

Mindfulness for Manual Therapists

mindfulness for manual therapistsMindfulness is a simple practice of learning to stay with your experience, whatever it is. For most of us in the beginning, this means learning not to run when we discover our mind is wild, claustrophobic, and seemingly out of control. In reality this is when the path of meditation actually begins.

A common mistake most people make with meditation is trying to stop your thoughts or empty your mind, which are impossible anyway, because by nature the mind is continually expressive. Instead, mindfulness is about spending time with yourself in an intimate way, and gradually learning to stop the struggle. By making friends with your state of mind and yourself, exactly as you are, you become more confident, more fully embodied, and more responsive to life.

How Does Mindfulness Help with Manual Therapy?

The human body speaks volumes, but we need to be aware and perceptive in order to hear its messages. By attending to simple, present moment sensations such as breath, body, and movement, mindfulness practice teaches us to calm mental chatter and come into the fullness of our experience. As a result, our perceptions become fuller and our application of technique more responsive and true.

kMindfulness for Manual Therapists takes you on a journey of discovery, riding the vehicle of mindfulness into the rich lands of connective tissue manipulation. The two-day workshop empowers you with mindfulness of breath, body, and movement, and integrates these into the practice of connective tissue manipulation.

Each day of the workshop will include a full morning of sitting and walking meditation. The afternoons will be dedicated to mixing mindfulness with the practice of manual therapy, through hands-on practice, discussion, and several mindfulness based exercises.

Workshop Highlights:

  • slow down and come into the richness of the present moment
  • learn to relax, and drop more fully into your bodily experience
  • learn to work ‘in’ connective tissues, rather than on their surface
  • discover more subtle sensitivity in your hands, and learn to see structural patterns more clearly through your eyes
  • discover balanced, harmonious body mechanics
  • learn how to work with ease, endurance, and increased energy

Tuition: $395 CAD + HST

CMTO 8 category A CEUs


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