MIPAWORK Levels 1 – 3


A two day workshop: Tuition: $445 CAD

MIPAWORK is a system of soft tissue manipulation that unwinds whole body tension patterns, while at the same time gradually uncovering the body’s inherent length and balance. The practitioner uses their hands and elbows to work the soft tissues, using a slow pressure that is deep and at the same time responsive.

How Does it Work?

There is a natural, balanced pattern to how your legs, hips and lower back work together. The same is true of your rib cage, arms, and neck, and also your feet, ankles and legs. This whole-body balance is characterized by straightness, length, and ease of movement. It just doesn’t make sense to say our bodies are naturally twisted, compressed and restricted in movement.

However balance is compromised by various factors, including accidents, habitual movement patterns, and every-day stress and strain. All of these cause our fascia to tighten in rigid patterns which spread throughout the system, much like the way a pull in a sweater will be visible at a location far away from the original pull. Thus any attempt at rebalancing must include the entire structure and not just focus on symptoms.

One of the remarkable qualities of connective tissue is its tremendous capacity for change; its plasticity. Fascia is very responsive to stress demands in the body, quickly adding more tissue when stress in an area increases. Fortunately for us however the reverse is also true, in that the tissue will loosen up and melt when stress in an area decreases.

The Geometry of Balance

MIPAWORK works with the natural geometry of the eight fundamental dimensions of the body. These are: front to back, left to right, top to bottom, and superficial to deep. These eight articulate a simple and organic logic of balance. For example if the front of the torso is short and compressed with respect to the back, that body will experience ongoing struggle just to maintain an upright posture. By contrast when these eight are balanced, the body is more resilient and at ease.

To Protocol or Not to Protocol

There are a variety of ways you can integrate MIPAWORK into your practice. You can choose to utilize a protocol of either 3, 7, or 10 sessions. Or you can choose to create your own protocol based on client needs. You can also simply apply the work freestyle in a symptom based approach.

If you decide to work freestyle based on localized tension patterns, you can still use the MIPAWORK model to attend to overall balance within a given session and over a course of sessions. The MIPAWORK method only requires that when you work a given area of the body, you also follow up with some balancing work with counterbalancing structures.

For example if someone has pain in their shoulder and you decide to work locally in the shoulder, you make sure that you also work the opposite shoulder, and you also do some balancing work by balancing one or two areas somewhere in the lower body.

Drum Tuning Analogy

To better understand the how MIPAWORK achieves balance, consider the analogy of tuning a drum skin. Imagine you have a hand drum that has been sitting on the shelf for some time, and the skin has become loose and floppy. When you tune one of the tightening screws it creates a taut line in the skin. Then, naturally you proceed to the screw opposite on the frame, then you do the ones at right angles, tightening only half way, as you systematically work your way around the frame, assuring that the skin is tuned in a balanced manner. It’s the same with the human body in the process of unwinding and rebalancing the entire fascial system. MIPAWORK proceeds with this balanced approach.

Workshop Details

This two-day workshop provides an intensive immersion into connective tissue manipulation. Over the two days you will learn the first 3 sessions of the MIPAWORK 10 session protocol. The first 3 sessions include specific techniques to address myofascial imbalances in the neck, shoulder girdles, ribcage, back, pelvis, and legs.

For massage therapists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, athletic therapists, and osteopaths, this training will dramatically improve your results with the people in your practice.

You’ll also learn several mindfulness-awarness practices to help you be more present and embodied when working. These techniques are seamlessly integrated into the 3 session protocol, giving your more calm, steadiness, and clarity, while simultaneously bringing more effectiveness into your practice of manual therapy. The MIPAWORK protocol draws from 21 years of practice in the tradition of Dr. Ida Rolf, combined with the view and practice of mindfulness.



Workshop Highlights

  • Learn the theory of how gravity affects human structure, and how the body can be returned to a more balanced relationship with gravity
  • Learn a 3 session protocol to rebalance the entire body with the field of gravity.
  • Discover how to work with greater ease, while simultaneously increasing your therapeutic effectiveness.
  • Develop a felt sense for deep connective tissue work.


Our teaching methodology offers a balanced approach of theory, hands-on practice, and one to one mentorship with the instructor. In a nutshell, you learn the theory, practice the theory in real time, and refine your technique with personal guidance from the instructor. This classic way of learning – theory, practice, and refinement – is the hallmark of all our workshops, and is the best way we know to help you have a transformative learning experience.



Level 2

A four day workshop: Tuition: $895.00 CAD

Level 2 offers a review of Level 1, and instructs how to perform sessions 4 – 7, which bring further balance to the legs and pelvis, spine and cranium. Level 2 is a four-day workshop.

Level 3

A four day workshop: Tuition: $895.00 CAD

Level 3 instructs in sessions 8, 9, and 10, completing the process of restoring the body’s inherent balance. Level 3 is a four-day workshop.